Everyman (Proletarian Tape)

by Mystery Kid

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Two track recording from hip hop artist Mystery Kid.


released July 28, 2015

Tracks produced by Brother Smokey (Twitter: @Brothersmokey, email: brothersmokey23@gmail.com)

Mixed and mastered at Soap Mouth Records

Cover design by Rhys Bufford, image courtesy of the British Library

Mystery Kid logo by Dan Arena (dormitiondesigns.com)



all rights reserved


Soap Mouth Records Los Angeles, California

DIY distro for unhappy hip hop.

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Track Name: Gutter Trash
It’s the Kid: heavy lies the crown
The way I hold it down, there’s no way to fight it now
Pipe down! Never question who can grind most
I hang the broken bodies of dissenters from the sign post
I’ve destroyed whole cities and their occupants
Then thrown lavish balls just to document my opulence
Life and death: a synergy of symphonies
Spit a litany of my bitterly-written liturgies
You’re kidding me, I never took you for a fool
Just another tool, born to chafe under my rule
I’m the one world religion, the genuine article
The vastness of the cosmos in a subatomic particle
Force unstoppable, object immovable
In the crucible, bite your nails to the cuticle
It’s beautiful, like setting off a claymore
You better pray more, fam: this is what I came for

Sky is falling down, smoke ‘em if you got ‘em
This city is a gutter, find me at the bottom

It’s the Kid: my life is like an open wound
Too many words unspoken, leaving all hope consumed
In the melody of night, I’ve abandoned the spark
I’m the memory of light, when you stand in the dark
I’m your primal enemy, relentlessly, your final destiny
Timeless energy, live and die by lies and treachery
Vomit endlessly, see the tides are rising steadily
Unfettered greed, regrettably, forget the lechers, let it be
Test me, you’ll be another dead meat sack
Mystery Kid: I smoke weed and bleed feedback
Come at me, bro, if you want your fucking teeth kicked
For the remix, triple-twist your double helix
Open up my wrist, in the shape of a heart
Just know I do it for the sake of the art
And all the proles, working like pistons
Pushing back and forth, in this worthless existence
Track Name: Antitheist
There is no god, yet they claim to know who built me
They’re guilty: belief is foolish, faith is filthy
So kill me, I won’t appeal to the sky
A man of science, I’ll never kneel to a lie
Until I die, I’ll spit in God’s eye
I think I’ll find Christ, when I see hogs fly
The odd guy out, I’ll still carry the cross
Religion’s bullshit like the finale of Lost
And at what cost? Our lives and our sanity
Then claim to be surprised by the crimes of humanity
It’s vanity, backed up by ignorance and arrogance
The prodigal pigs who’ve squandered their inheritance
Mystery Emeritus don’t need to be forgiven
I’ll watch you die and hear the lamentation of your women
Jesus is a prison, make incisions with the pen
When in Rome, throw ‘em to the lions again

I hope you’re not afraid of the dark
I’ve slain a red dragon, in the shade of the ark
Like the messianic zombie of an Abrahamic cult
I sacrificed myself, with the same null result
I guess it’s all my fault in fact, I lack character
Stabbed Mary in the back, then I battered her and buried her
Crude, tattooed, woke up in a bad mood
Egad, dude! I use human flesh as food
True, it’s a little bit unsanitary
Interplanetary, galactic rap, God’s adversary
Very scary: you know you won’t survive without me
I’ve been to hell and back: it would be unwise to doubt me
Don’t drink blood devoutly, I just like the taste
You’ll get no saving grace, but a knee to the face
The antitheist, with no sense of the godly
Seeking an escape from the stench of the bodies